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44Con Trip Report

Tweet 44Con Trip report Last week I attended the UK security conference, 44Con.  I went into 44Con feeling a little jaded with the overall security community, but left with a real spring in my step.  There are many very approachable and knowledgeable people doing some amazing work. It’s easy to forget if you focus on […]

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Don’t #menshn misleading users about your security

This weekend, Conservative MP for Corby and her business partner Luke Bozier launched a new social site called Menshn.

The biggest problem I have with the launch were the blatant lies about security that went with it and put its users at unnecessary risk. Here’s a quick summary.

Many people pointed out that passwords were being sent over unecrypted links (HTTP rather than HTTPS), yet this is what Louise and Luke were telling their users.

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1 Word Cloud to Describe 3 Words to Describe Enterprise Security

Yesterday, or thereabouts, a colleague of mine, Rafal Los posted the conclusion of a pretty interesting, unscientific twitter survey asking people to “Describe Enterprise Security in 3 words”.

Rafal posted the most interesting answers on his post, but my natural reaction was to want to see a Word Cloud.

This is what came out.

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