Yesterday, or thereabouts, a colleague of mine, Rafal Los posted the conclusion of a pretty interesting, unscientific twitter survey asking people to “Describe Enterprise Security in 3 words”.

Rafal posted the most interesting answers on his post here, but my natural reaction was to want to see a Word Cloud.

This is what came out…

Enterprise Security Word Cloud

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I must admit that “Compliance” made me chuckle, because less than 24 hours had passed since I read this article in SC Magazine US.

“The Compliance Hawk is that guy who secures his network by checkbox lists. It’s the guy who believes that he’s 80 percent secure when, in actuality, he’s 80 percent patched. It’s the guy who measures what percent he’s compliant rather than on the percentage reduction in security incidents. It’s the guy who thinks his job is done when he’s hit all of his compliance metrics. 

Now in truth, it isn’t entirely this guy’s fault. He just fell victim to an industry that told him that if he follows the compliance regime, his job is safe.”

Source: Overcoming America’s lost decade of IT security

Here’s Rafal’s spreadsheet, should you wish to play around and make prettier pictures.

If you’re not already reading Rafals excellent blog, “Following the White Rabbit” go check it out at

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wordcloud produced in seconds with wordle.