Name(s): Chris, AKA Suggy (nickname since I was 8 yrs old), AKA TheSuggmeister (Seems I’m not the only Suggy on Twitter – for tweets that venture off topic),  AKA SecurityG33k (for tweets related to this site)

Note to self… I need to revisit Richard Thieme’s talk on managing multiple identities.

Age: Slightly under 40.

Marital Status: With geek tolerant wife, who’s also a very useful prop as “The Evil Twin”.

I look a bit like this, albeit not as often as I’d like: See photo.  No, not the horse.

Me, on a horse. Living my dream

I'd like to "roll" like this *every* day, not just once a year.

Likes: Skiing, Coffee, Geeky Stuff, Geeky Security Stuff,  Real-ale, DC4420 and @tonyhawk. (Note: order is dynamic)

Dislikes: Mowing the lawn. (I outsource decorating, otherwise that would be on the list too)

Job: By day, and more often than not, by night, I work as a program manager/consultant in IT Security at a fair sized corporation. I’ve been in security, as a consultant and more recently a security manager for just over 10 years (so, a relative n00b).  The Cuckoo’s Egg, The Watchman and  Masters of Deception were to blame.

What’s this site about then? : I started this  “Security for non-g33ks” thing and associated blog after volunteering to give a talk about computer security at a local neighbourhood community safety meeting (It’s part of a neighbourhood watch group – ).

Turns out there’s at least a little bit of interest from the g33ks out there wanting to deliver similar material in their communities.

I’m going to be creating small articles and presentations for our community and figured I’d share what I create in case it’s of interest/use to the broader g33k community.  Take my stuff (if you want), use it (if you want), let me know what worked and what didn’t (if you want).

I’d also be very happy to receive input, articles that I can use (I will cite all my sources and buy you a beer if I publish/use your stuff).

Will I really get a beer for helping out or providing a published article? : Yes. it could take a while, but you’ll get one (other beverages may be available).

…One more thing : We’re expecting our first child soon-ish. He’s arrived 🙂 .  If you don’t get a quick response for me, it’s likely that I’m either up to my arms in poop 😉